Events and Seminars

Activity: Biggest Morning Tea Fundraiser

Details:    Thurday 26th May, 2011, 10.30 am - 11.30am

Venue:    Taxbridge office, Kilsyth

Local businesses and clients are invited to come and meet our team, see experience our new office and show your support behind this fundraising activity.

We will ensure that there is lots of goodies, so just pop in if you are available.  To assist with catering, if possible, please contact Jude Brock at Taxbridge 9722 9777 to confirm your attendance and to advise of any special dietary requirements.


Activity:   Seminar - End of Financial Year count down

Purpose: To make clients aware of opportunties and decisions to be made before 30th June

Venue:   Taxbridge office, Kilsyth

Details:   Thursday 9th June 2011,   4.30pm - 6.00pm 

             Saturday 11th June, 2011, 9.30am to 11.00am

Booking: Please call Jude or Rachael at Taxbridge phone: (03) 9722 9777

Cost:      $50 per person paid upon booking


Activity:  2011 Personal tax return checklists (Available for collection from: 1st June, 2011)

To ensure your tax return is completed accurately and quickly, please contact our office to have a checklist emailed to you, or pop in and see our friendly team to collect one. 

Also, please contact our office to see if you are eligible for our "Family Friendly" duo tax return package if you have a low income spouse, or dependant child that is required to do a tax return.


Coming soon: Taxbridge breakfast business series & Monthly Business Discussion Group

To register your interest or to include a business topic as a suggestion, please contact Sally Mansfield of Taxbridge, phone 03 9722 9777.